Hot Mama (Maternity Body Oil)


Hot Mama (Maternity Body Oil)


Here's your awesome little oil blend that's been created just for you......wahoo! Here's the low-down on your plant oils:

Smother this baby over your belly, boobs, hips and butt every day to soften the skin as your body grows a baby! There's no magic cure for stretch marks but these oils can defs help with prevention and reducing their appearance for many :)

Caution! Wear with spf in summertime :)

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Almond Oil: Prunis Communis Using sweet almond oil can be beneficial for strengthening and moisturizing your skin so that if you do get stretch marks, they are less severe. Full of VitE to help the oil keep well and also awesome for the skin.

Wheatgerm Oil: Triticum Vulgare Another rich source of Vit E........yay! This guy is a natural anti-oxidant too, great for reducing scars and for super dry skin too :)

Mandarin Oil: Citrus Reticulata One of the few oils suitable for pregnancy this baby smells oh so good and is great for your mood. It works both ways depending on what you need, it can relax and calm you or it can give you some pep and promote positivity. Known for it's helpful skills with stretch marks, it can increase circulation and therefore rejuvenate the skin.