No Lurgies


No Lurgies


A sweet little blend for the Immune System :)

One of the earliest plants to be used for medicine and magic! Rosemary fumigations were used to keep plague and infectious illnesses away! It has great antiviral properties, but also can help relieve pain and aids some respiratory conditions. 


Also an anti-viral , peppermint also has properties that can relieve sinus pain, reduce fever and help headaches. 


Sweet Orange:
Great one for the immune system, fights colds, flus and infection. Is also uplifting for the mind and can relieve stress. Added bonus it's a great oil for digestive issues too! 


A great oil for the respiratory system and can help relieve muscle aches and pains too. 


Caution! Avoid use in pregnancy, kids under 10yrs, epilepsy and with high blood pressure. Peppermint can keep insomniacs awake so try not to use late in the day.

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